Opium is a web application in order to demonstrate which system for decomposition and transportation of forest fuel that is the most cost effective depending on the logging site, receiver/heating plant, assortment and terminal options. The results illustrate clearly not only which system that is cost-effective at different distances but also the cost of the different systems options. Users can easily select the receiver/heating plant, terminal for change of transport mode and/or decomposition and, if necessary, adjust the pre-set costs of management, decomposition and transport and thus adjust the estimates to own conditions.

Opium is free for anyone to use

Opium can be used either with the pre-set decomposition and transportation systems and associated costs or with systems and costs defined by the user. The workflow is intuitive which makes the tool easy to use.

The application includes the possibilities to determine the best method of 189 receivers and 174 terminals, two assortments (logging residues and fuel wood) and five different systems options (combination of machine for decomposition and trucks). Rail transport is possible from 19 terminals to 19 plants.

Calculations are fast and the results are instantly illustrated in the map with geographical distribution of the different system types and with detailed information of distances and costs for the most cost efficient system in each area.