Project Description

Solutions to improve energy efficiency

In a previous pilot study by Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (JTI) it was estimated that more than 20 % of the diesel consumption in agriculture in Sweden was used for transportation. This follow-up project is focusing on innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency in agricultural logistics: (1) Shifting of arable land. (2) Planning tool to simulate, plan and optimize the logistics work on the farm. (3) Benchmark and KPIs for logistics work at the farm level to spur efficiency. The overall objective is to improve the efficiency of energy use in agricultural transports by 20 %. The study provides in-depth knowledge of the potential for agriculture to improve energy efficiency of their logistics. The project will be carried out in collaboration between researchers (JTI) and companies in the agricultural industry (farmers, LRF- the Federation of Swedish Farmers, LRF Konsult), provider of monitoring assistance systems for vehicles (Drivec).