Model development for optimal biomass extraction

There is a growing demand of renewable bioenergy from forests in Sweden. Studies show that increased biomass extraction from the forest is possible without jeopardizing environmental goals or sustainability. One key to minimizing the risk is better planning throughout the forest supply chain.

Starting now Creative Optimization will run the project “Model development for optimal biomass extraction”. The project is partly funded by Swedish Energy Agency and is aiming to develop better solutions for planning and optimizing the extraction of biomass in the forestry supply chain. Starting with Södra Skogsägarna, we will conduct case studies to validate our solutions and to demonstrate the potential.

“This will be great opportunity to evaluate models and methods that we are convinced will improve the planning of the forest industry. This will result in development that will be practically applicable. We will look at several different value chains, co-plan them instead of looking at them respectively. This will hopefully show that there is value in increasing biomass extraction from a place that has a better strategic location advantage.”

Erik Rönnqvist, Project manager