Optimizing and analyzing integrated biomass supply chains

Optimizing and analyzing integrated biomass supply chains

Increased revenue and reduced costs. Bioflow enhances the logistics planning and investment calculation.

“We can better understand challenges and the potential of value chains for scaling the bio economy.”

Optimize and analyse with Bioflow

Optimize and analyse with Bioflow

Data-driven supply chain

Combining biomass streams in an integrated model to deliver the right biomass, in the right form, to the right customer at the right time. A key factor creating a smart and efficient biomass mobilization and logistics.

Optimized seasonal flow and sales plan for feedstocks
Co-handling and transport
Central storage nodes and terminals
Information and coordination in the value chain
Utlization of resources, machines, and equipment

Scenario analysis

Create detailed resource maps and insights in future biomass utilization, creating input data for feedstock, supply chain network.

Due-dilligence and investment options
Mixing different feedstocks
Complementary effects and synergies
Product strategy and end product demand
Development of future biomass production

Integrate Bioflow API with existing ERP and business intelligence systems.

Using Bioflow we can analyze and improve our sales plan taking seasonal variability into account.

Create and calculate dynamic routing distances all over the world.





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Core functionalities

Core functionalities

Understand the benefits in using Bioflow

Key features

Minimize costs and maximize revenues

Integrate different feedstocks

Integration to existing business systems

Input data validation to ensure smooth optimization

Integrated and extremely fast distance calculation

Cutting-edge technology

Scenario analysis

Powerful scenario analysis tool

Evaluate investment strategies

Create ROI and techno-economic plans

Multimodal transportation; truck, train, and vessel

Purchase and sales analyses

Evaluate potential risks in the supply chain

Production and logistics planning

Supply and value chain planning

Operational, tactical, and strategic planning horizons

Efficient transportation and storage

Maximized resource utilization

Include different processes at locations

Create production strategies

User experience

End-to-end value chain planning

User friendly map interface

Plug and play – no modelling needed

Visualisation of results for easy interpretation

World leading support in forestry supply chain planning

User defined periodization

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