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already ahead

already ahead

We enable Data-driven intelligence for
sustainable and efficient value chains

Exciting projects

We create efficient and intelligent decision support systems

We create efficient and intelligent decision support systems

Next generation optimization technology

Next generation optimization technology


Creative optimization modelling language (COML) a flexible plattform to integrate advanced value chains.

Handles flexible optimization
Connects solvers and data
User-friendly syntax


Create processes for converting assortments to products, including costs, time periods, quality, capacity and more.

Include converting factors
Utilize resources and capacity
Create a complete value chain

Your Success, Our Optimization Expertise

Creative’s technology helps us to improve and utilize optimization in our operations.


Generate accurate distances between any coordinates worldwide.

Calculates correct distances
Provides accurate truck routing
Unique needs and restrictions


Visualize transport patterns and facilitate efficient logistics planning by combining data from multiple sources

Comprehensive visualization
Create flow maps
Identify high-activity regions

Understand how optimization is enabled

Understand how
optimization is enabled

Unlock the potential of optimization with our technology. Read more about our technology and services to discover new possibilities and the next generation powerful decision support systems.

Explore our projects, business cases and resources to find inspiration and insights. Learn how optimiztion is applied to solve real industrial challenges.


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