Advanced and innovative digitalization

Press release: LKAB in collaboration towards the logistics solutions of the futureLKAB, Creative Optimization and Digital Tvilling in collaboration for optimization of LKAB’s entire value chain. By 2025, the work will result in the optimization of the entire value chain across organizational, structural and geographical boundaries.LKAB is one of the [...]

October 18, 2022|

Norra Skog selects Woodflow

Press release: Norra Skog select WoodflowToday we are pleased to announce that Norra Skog has decided to use Woodflow for planning and analysis of its wood logistics. Norra Skog will use the entire Woodflow suite with both Optimizer and Analyzer to increase its ability to both plan and analyze timber [...]

September 27, 2022|

Partnership with Sokigo

Creative Optimization in partnership with Sokigo Sokigo and Creative Optimization have entered a partnership for product integration. Timbertrail from Creative Optimization is an innovative and unique method for automated optimization of forest roads that now is integrated with Sokigo’s reputable system for purchasing, management and forest production – TimberTrack [...]

March 31, 2022|

Innovation group EIP-Agri

Project descriptionWithin the framework of the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s EIP-Agri, Creative Optimization has received a grant to form an innovation group consisting of Hushållningssällskapet, RISE, Svefa and Gröna Klustret Nuntorp. Together with farmers, researchers and advisers, the innovation group will apply for EIP-Agri innovation project. In the proposed project, [...]

December 15, 2021|

Moelven Skog selects Timbertrail

Timbertrail will help Moelven Skog create better planning in forest operationsAfter a test and evaluation period during spring, Moelven Skog has chosen to start using the planning support tool Timbertrail in its forest operations. Timbertrail is a decision support system that uses AI to identify optimal extraction routes based on [...]

September 29, 2021|

Vida Skog selects Woodflow

Vida selects Woodflow for transportation efficiencyThe latest company to select Woodflow is Vida Skog. The choice of Woodflow includes Analyzer to create an overview of transport efficiency. The tool will be used to help identify and understand timber flows to reduce enviromental impact. With the help of Woodflow Analyzer, Vida [...]

February 1, 2021|

Timbertrail released

Optimizing extraction routes has never been easierNow the first version of Timbertrail is out! Timbertrail is a decision support that, with the help of digital information on slope, soil moisture and the volume distribution of the forest, provides suggestions for optimal exctration routes and base paths in felling. Read more [...]

September 1, 2020|

New office in Stockholm

New office in Stockholm at NorrskenStarting this august Creative Optimization has an office located in Stockholm at Norrsken Foundation. Norrsken House is one of Europe’s largest hub for impact tech and collects over 300 entrepreneurs to build scalable business to solve some of the complex challenges in the world. We [...]

August 12, 2020|

New office in Halmstad

New office in Halmstad at SlottsmöllanCreative Optimization is now moving to a larger office in Halmstad at Slottsmöllans Företagscentrum. Slottmöllan is located at the river Nissan in Halmstad. Slottmöllan is a business cluster housing companies in several industrial sectors.“Our new office located at slottsmöllan, is a good opportunity for us [...]

June 17, 2020|

Holmen selects Woodflow

Holmen selects Woodflow for transportation planningRecently, Holmen Skog choosed to start using Woodflow for its strategical and tactical planning in the forestry business. The selection of Woodflow includes both Optimizer and Analyzer. Woodflow will help Holmen Skog to plan and follow up timber transports and make strategic scenario analyzes of [...]

April 1, 2020|

Innovation days in Montreal

Innovation days in Montreal, CanadaIn November Creative Optimization participated at the innovation days in Montreal, Canada. The purpose of the innovation meeting was to establish business relations and collaborations between Canadian and Swedish companies. This was held by Vinnova, Business Sweden and Ignite Sweden. Creative Optimization participated in several meetings [...]

November 20, 2019|

RIU, Skinnskatteberg 2019

Creative Optimization participated in RIU 2019During this year’s edition of the RIU conference held by Skogforsk and SLU Creative Optimization participated during the days to gain insight into new research and discuss future challenges in forest planning and management. During the fair, Timbertrail was showcased for both forestry companies and [...]

October 2, 2019|

Forestry fairs 2019

Creative Optimization attended SkogsElmia and Skogsnolia 2019During the summer, Creative Optimization participated in the fairs SkogsElmia and Skogsnolia giving us an opportunity to showcase Creative Optimization among current customers and potential new customers. We demonstrated the two products Timbertrail and Woodflow and new business opportunities were created.“It has been a [...]

July 1, 2019|

Mellanskog selects Woodflow

Mellanskog starts using Woodflow AnalyzerMellanskog has choosed to start using Woodflow Analyzer. Woodflow Analyzer will fulfil the function of continuously monitoring transports and provide a KPI value for transport efficiency. This is also a starting point to include decision support system and optimization in the supply chain at Mellanskog. The [...]

March 21, 2019|

New project in biomass

Model development for optimal biomass extractionThere is a growing demand of renewable bioenergy from forests in Sweden. Studies show that increased biomass extraction from the forest is possible without jeopardizing environmental goals or sustainability. One key to minimizing the risk is better planning throughout the forest supply chain.Starting now Creative [...]

January 1, 2019|

Sydved selects Woodflow

Sydved selects Woodflow for transportation planningSydved is the latest company to select Woodflow for planning and analysis of wood procurement and transportation. Sydved will use both Optimizer and Analyzer to become more efficient in transportation planning.About SydvedSydved is a forestry company in southern Sweden that annually procures approximately 5 million [...]

December 4, 2018|

New project with Sydved

Optimizing routes in forest operationsTimbertrail is a new project starting now. The purpose of the project is to develop a field-adapted application that identifies optimal driving routes for forest machines when harvesting. Information about soil moisture, slope, forest density, weather, etc. is used together with an optimization model to calculate [...]

September 1, 2018|

Woodflow UX released

Visualize and analyze with Woodflow UXA new edition of Woodflow is the user interface Woodflow UX. Woodflow UX is an intuitive graphical interface for the Optimizer and Analyzer modules. Woodflow UX has functions for loading and validating data, optimization settings and result interpretation via maps and tables.End-user focus in the [...]

February 15, 2017|

Woodflow used at SLU

Woodflow used in education at SLUStarting this year, Woodflow will be used for educational purposes at the forester program at SLU in Umeå. Woodflow will be used in a part of the course Industrial supply strategy and will showcase how decision support systems can help forestry companies in logistical activities. [...]

December 13, 2016|

New project in agriculture logistics

Energy efficiency in agriculture logisticsCreative Optimization will participate in the project: Energy efficiency of agricultural logistics as a partner to RISE. The overall goal of the project is to make agricultural use of energy more efficient for transports by investigating: Exchange of arable land, logistics planning system, key figures and [...]

December 2, 2016|

New project with EFFORTE

Creative Optimization participates in the EFFORTE projectEFFORTE project is started. The project is coordinated by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and includes 23 partners from five countries. EFFORTE has received funding from Bio Based Industries within the framework of the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. The project [...]

October 3, 2016|

Woodflow Analyzer released

Introducing a new way to calculate transport efficiencyWoodflow Analyzer is the new module for Woodflow. Analyzer is an advanced tool for transport monitoring. By using information about real transports and comparing these with an optimal solution of the same volumes, Analyzer calculates the transport efficiency. The optimization is flexible and [...]

January 1, 2016|

Woodflow Optimizer released

Creative Optimization releases Woodflow optimizerWoodflow Optimizer is a powerful tool for both timber flow planning and advanced scenario analyses based on different logistics conditions. Examples of different scenarios are varied demand among recipients, different supply volumes, different truck types, new terminals, production stops, timber exchange and more. Optimizer considers a [...]

October 1, 2015|

Biomap released

Creative Optimization releases the free to use tool BiomapBiomap is a web application that shows which system for decomposition and transport of forest fuel that is most cost-effective depending on the harvesting site location, receiver / heating plant, assortment and terminal alternatives. The results clearly illustrate not only which system [...]

January 1, 2015|