Project description

Within the framework of the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s EIP-Agri, Creative Optimization has received a grant to form an innovation group consisting of Hushållningssällskapet, RISE, Svefa and Gröna Klustret Nuntorp. Together with farmers, researchers and advisers, the innovation group will apply for EIP-Agri innovation project. In the proposed project, the idea is to develop a web-based digital decision support for optimal exchange of farmland parcals and associated services in a more efficient agriculture. A digital tool that with the help of Big data and optimization identifies potential exchanges of arable land between farmers to minimize transport work between the farm center and the field. In addition, the idea is that the tool also will be used for changing logistics services, e.g. use of special machines, to make better use of existing capacity. The tool can also be used by advisors or other actors to create a renewed view of exchanges and cooperation with the aim of achieving higher profitability and reducing environmental impact. The tool must also take into account several important parameters when changing land and show how fair and transparent changes should take place. By clarifying potential savings and efficiency increases, farmers must be motivated to make changes.

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