Innovation days in Montreal, Canada

In November Creative Optimization participated at the innovation days in Montreal, Canada. The purpose of the innovation meeting was to establish business relations and collaborations between Canadian and Swedish companies. This was held by Vinnova, Business Sweden and Ignite Sweden. Creative Optimization participated in several meetings and showcased the product portfolio and previous projects. The purpose was fulfilled and resulted in several new business relations and upcoming meetings, where there will be deeper discussions on new projects and pilot studies in Canada.

“This was great for us to meet the Canadian market and learn more the difficulties in Canadas forestry sector. We will follow-up two very interesting leads where we have ideas for collaboration projects. I think this was great event organized by Vinnova and Ignite Sweden and look forward to new opportunities here in Canada.”

Mikael Frisk, CEO

Seminar at Université Laval, Quebec

During the visit in Canada, Erik also held a seminar at Université Laval detailing Swedish forestry and the use of decision support systems. It was a success and there were obvious similarities between the two countries creating an exchange in experience for forestry management and the use of decision support systems.