Creative Optimization in partnership with Sokigo

Sokigo and Creative Optimization have entered a partnership for product integration. Timbertrail from Creative Optimization is an innovative and unique method for automated optimization of forest roads that now is integrated with Sokigo’s reputable system for purchasing, management and forest production – TimberTrack (Sokigo Forest concept). Users get a homogeneous and efficient working environment for the best efficiency and lowered environmental impact.

Since the autumn of 2021, Sokigo has worked with customers on and have now completed the first version of the production / purchasing support TimberTrack with integrated support for Creative Optimization’s product Timbertrail. Timbertrail’s features is integrated in the web-based TimberTrack to provide the user with automated and optimized options for choosing paths in forest operations. The unique thing, in addition to the properties of the individual products, is that this optimization is now offered integrated into a product that is already used today by many customers in their forest operations.

– TimberTrack and its customers now have another valuable function and consolidate its position as the market’s best system for forest production planning. We are pleased to be able, together with Creative Optimization, continue the development of a leading tool for efficient and sustainable forestry. This is probably just the beginning of our partnership, says Staffan Bygdén, business area manager at Sokigo.

Timbertrail uses large amounts of data with digital information about soil moisture, slope, forest density, cultural heritage sites and more. With this data, an optimization model creates a proposal for base roads and routes for forwarders, which leads to a reduced risk of soil damage at the same time as the work is optimized. Together with planned conditions and user settings from TimberTrack, such as areas, volumes, mandatory routes and season, various proposals are created that can be used directly for calculations, planning and production.

– We are pleased that our functions and products for optimization of forestry now have a good platform with a large potential customer base. Our common vision of optimizing and streamlining the wood flow fits well within this partnership. That we then complement each other with different properties and strengths becomes a winning concept, says Erik Rönnqvist, COO at Creative Optimization.

All new tools and results are accessed directly from TimberTrack. The workflow is optimized and the benefits are many. The optimized routes, for example, can now be sent directly to harvesting machines and other mobile devices. The new integration is now being tested by the first customers and will be available shortly for the open market. The service can be used all over Sweden.

About Sokigo

Sokigo is Sweden’s largest supplier of system solutions for the municipal market and a market leader in Sweden in business-related geographic IT. In addition to the public sector and generally in the private sector, customers are found mainly in the forest industry, contracting and the energy sector. Through innovation and cutting-edge expertise in collaboration with our customers, we actively contribute to an efficient and sustainable society. Sokigo is part of the Addnode Group (public) with 1900 employees in 19 countries. Addnode’s share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For further information, see