Increased revenue and reduced costs
Woodflow enhances the transportation planning

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Understand how Woodflow can optimize, analyze and evaluate the forest supply chain


Woodflow Optimizer is a decision support system for optimizing transports and solving any transportation problem no matter how complex the planning challenges are.


Woodflow Analyzer has the power to analyze transports and evaluate the transport efficiency. Analyzer creates increased understanding and insights of the effects and possible adjustments to maximize revenue and efficiency.


Processes can be used to describe different events in the forest supply chain such as sawing, chipping, sorting, and multiple bucking alternatives. Creating better insights and planning.

Optimize wood flow from forest to mill using data-driven intelligence

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Optimizing the wood supply chain

Woodflow covers all complex conditions that matter for the transport planning such as integration between truck, train and vessels, storage between periods, limited transport capacity, backhauling, customer prices and much more.

SCA uses Woodflow Analyzer

To analyze the transportations done during a time period to obtain KPI for transport efficiency is valuable to determine how to better plan for future improvements, identifying inefficiencies. SCA use Woodflow Analyzer.

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Woodflow supports many challenges

Woodflow supports many challenges such as sales optimization, optimal supply areas, collaboration between companies, transportation capacity limits and localization and use of terminals.

Understand the benefits of using Woodflow in decision making